Though it is January, you have to take into account that Spring is approaching. For me, March Break seems hella far away - and it is.... but for others February will ZIP right pass them and March will lay right in their lap. I went on Chictopia.com and noticed an article about 2011 wardrobe cleansing.

Things to ditch
Baggy or ill fitting jeans- Jeans are an essential part of every closet and are worn quite often therefore there is no room for jeans that are unflattering. You need jeans that will make you look good on your worst day when you throw something on. Baggy jeans are also a no-no because they are WAY out of style. Get rid of those 90’s JNCO’s and baggy cargos cause they are not helping you. Jeans TO own: A nice pair of flared jeans that fit your butt and thighs nicely with a good flare and a nice pair of skinnies.

Baby tees: Let me tell you I was a baby tee fiend and the kids section in The Goodwill was my jam. Now a days…..not so much. Baby tee’s were really hot in the 2000’s but now we’re making our way into the baggy era. Big sleeves, wide shirts and long sweaters are all hot right now and if you’ll notice really far from baby tees. It was hard for me to part with mine because I developed a strong collection with them, but don’t worry, you will feel better when you decide to get rid of them.

Flip Flops: Ok, this one is a toughie. I’m not against flip flops by any means, I have a few in my closet, but the ones you should get rid of are the ones that are worn out and have outstayed their welcome. I’m talking about the ones that have that stain of your foot on it or ones that the rubber is coming off etc. If you’re a flip-flop gal get a nice pair of good quality flip flops with some cute buckles or even a pair of gladiators for an updated and chic casual look.

Wife Beaters: I believe that wife beaters have 2 purposes…..to go under shirts that you layer with and the gym. There are many that disagree and that’s fine but if you have more than 2…..ditch them. You can use the space for items that are really great for 2011. I would replace these with a great sheer blouse which are really big for 2011.

Something you have more than one of: Going through my closet yesterday I realized I had abut 7 tank tops, 2 awkward cropped tops, 10 scarves, and 6 handkerchiefs all of which I didn’t need more than one of. It started to become ridiculous to me and I made it a rule for myself: Keep the one you like the most and get rid of the other ones. There’s no real reason for multiples of items besides a letting go issue (which I’m guilty of). No need to worry, you still have one. And do you really wear ALL of them anyway?

5 Essential items for your closet:
Little Black Dress (LBD): I’m sure you’ve heard it before but it’s’ a great rule to follow, evey girl should have one little black dress. LBD’s are great for events, dinners, cocktails with the girls, or even holiday parties. Get a little black dress that fits your body type and compliments you. Don’t be afraid to spend a little money on it because it will never go out of style.

Vintage tee: As an online vintage clothing store owner and thrifter of many years I believe it is ABSOLUTELY essential to have one vintage tee in your closet. Vintage tee’s give an edge to any outfit and can be paired with anything. I always like to get men’s small because it’s a little baggy but still fits. If the sleeves are too big don’t be afraid to roll them up to add a little shape to the top.

Trenchcoats: Trenchcoats are the perfect coat. You can layer them if it’s cold out or just wear them over your outfit. Some of them are rain resistant as well so you can wear them in any weather. Trenchcoats also look great with pretty much anything from jeans and a tee to a elegant cocktail dress, so why wouldn’t it be essential?

Platforms: Platforms are bigger than ever and they really bring an outfit up a notch. I strongly believe the platform has made its mark in fashion and is here to stay. Start off with a simple black or brown platform and once your comfortable with them you can start your collection. Jeffery Campbells are my FAVE but Steve Madden and even Payless have some good ones.

A pair of perfect jeans: Many people can’t fathom spending a lot of money on jeans because they can just get them at Kohls. I get it, I like a good deal too but I think everyone should have one good pair of jeans in their closet that fits perfect. Don’t be afraid to spend money on these either because they will last you a long time and make a huge difference in your outfit. If you’re one of those people that have a hard time finding jeans that fit perfectly, don’t be afraid of tailoring—it’s worth it. Once you have a perfect pair of jeans, you can wear them to a casual outing or even some formal events.

Where to shop for the Essentials:
Little Black Dress: Asos / H&M
Vintage Tee: Local thrift store/ Ebay / Etsy
Trenchcoats: Topshop / H&M
Platforms: Solestruck / Stevemadden
A Pair of Perfect Jeans: Revolveclothing / WESC / Luckybrand

Vintage Tees
Penelope’s Vintage
The Perfect Jeans
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(CreditPaid: EIU @ Chictopia.com)

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